January 2022





Yes. Sweet ones.


Why are the hippos

still flying in the dark?

Will the sun ever rise and shine again?


Oh my goodness, yes!

The hippos are the Light in the dark,

always Faithful and True,

lighting the way

even when they fly

over dark seas

in the middle of the night.


Do you know what color hippos are?




That’s right, but not just any grey.

A warm and welcoming grey,

that happily loves enjoying

fun-filled adventurous days

in Sunshine...

day or night.


Do you know why that grey

is spelled with an “e”

instead of with an “a”

as in gray?

It’s very specific.


Hmm. Is it like why

greyhound, grey goose,

and the grey baleen whale

are spelled with an “e”

and not an “a” like

grayscale percentages?


Sort of.

It has to do with word origin.

One references color specifically,

and another references something

more characteristic.


Grey is actually derived from

Old English (Anglo-Saxon) grig.

It references a merry creature,

with lively motions,

so much so that at one time

grig meant Health itself.


The funny thing about the

“a” gray spelling is that it also references

those with white hair, graii,

and that which is old,

and mature chronologically.


Wow those are very different meanings!

Just from one letter difference!



The hippos are most definitely grey...

merry creatures,

full of Life and glorious Health.


That’s why language fluency

is so much more than spelling tests.

Words actually have

rich depth and meaning,

and nuances of expression

mechanical dogmas

do not teach or address.


When you understand

the greater meanings and their spellings

you can express concepts

more precisely

and deliciously

for your fans, readers,

and adventures.





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Much love,

Mama Murphy




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